PDF Standards NACE SP0403-2008

PDF Standards NACE SP0403-2008

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  • October 2, 2023

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1.1 This standard practice establishes guidelines to avoidcaustic SCC of CS refinery equipment and piping. Itaddresses applications that use “fresh” caustic. CausticSCC has been observed in the presence of contaminatedcaustic (especially contaminated with sulfide) in servicesthat otherwise fall within area “A”of the Caustic SodaService Chart shown in Figure 1.

1.2 The practices detailed below are specifically intendedfor handling aqueous solutions containing sodium hydroxide(NaOH). However, several companies extend thesepractices to include aqueous solutions of other strong alkalicompounds such as potassium hydroxide (KOH) and lithiumhydroxide (LiOH).

1.3 Some proprietary caustic solutions used in the industry(e.g., for carbon dioxide removal in hydrogen manufacturingunits) contain inhibitors that may mitigate caustic SCC. Inthese cases, the practices included herein may beconservative. The effectiveness of any inhibitors added toindustrial caustic solutions should be evaluated before theguidelines set forth in this standard practice areimplemented.

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