PDF Standards JEDEC JESD209-4C

PDF Standards JEDEC JESD209-4C

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  • March 11, 2023

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This document defines the LPDDR4 standard, including features, functionalities, AC and DC characteristics, packages, and ball/signal assignments. The purpose of this specification is to define the minimum set of requirements for a JEDEC compliant 16 bit per channel SDRAM device with either one or two channels. LPDDR4 dual channel device density ranges from 4 Gb through 32 Gb and single channel density ranges from 2 Gb through 16 Gb. This document was created using aspects of the followingstandards: DDR2 (JESD79-2), DDR3 (JESD79-3), DDR4 (JESD79-4), LPDDR (JESD209), LPDDR2(JESD209-2) and LPDDR3 (JESD209-3).

Each aspect of the standard was considered and approved by committee ballot(s). The accumulation of these ballots was then incorporated into JEDEC Board Ballot JCB-19-019 to prepare the LPDDR4 standard.

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