PDF Standards IEC 61800-3 Ed. 4.0 b:2022

PDF Standards IEC 61800-3 Ed. 4.0 b:2022

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  • March 21, 2023

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This part of IEC 61800 specifies electromagnetic compatibility (EMC) requirements for adjustable speed power drive systems (PDSs) and machine tools (MTs). A PDS is an AC or DC motor drive including an electronic converter. Requirements are stated for AC and DC PDSs and MTs with input and/or output voltages (line-to-line voltage), up to 35 kV AC RMS. This document applies to equipment of all power ratings.

As a product EMC standard, this document can be used for the assessment of PDS and MT. It can also be used for the assessment of complete drive modules (CDM) or basic drive modules (BDM).

NOTE 1 BDMs and CDMs are parts of the PDS which are often marketed separately.

Traction applications and electric vehicles are excluded. Equipment which is defined as group 2 in CISPR 11:2015 is excluded.

NOTE 2 Examples of group 2 equipment are:
– welding equipment (arc welding, resistance welding, etc);
– electro-discharge machining equipment (EDM).

This document does not give requirements for the electrical machine which converts power between the electrical and mechanical forms within the PDS. Requirements for rotating electrical machines are covered by the IEC 60034 series. In this document, the term “motor” is used to describe the electrical machine, whether rotary or linear, and regardless of the direction of power flow.

This document is applicable to BDMs, CDMs, PDSs and MTs with or without radio function. However, this document does not specify any radio transmission and reception requirements.

NOTE 3 It is planned that the future edition 7 of CISPR 11 1 will contain a procedure how to address radio transmission and reception requirements, which is also applicable to products in the scope of this document.

This document defines the minimum requirements for emission and immunity in the frequency range from 0 Hz to 400 GHz. Tests are not required in frequency ranges where no requirements are specified.

BDMs, CDMs, PDSs and MTs covered by this document are those installed in residential, commercial and industrial locations. Requirements are given according to the environment classification.

BDMs, CDMs and PDSs are often included in a larger system. The system aspects are not covered by this document, but guidance is provided in the informative annexes.

This document is intended as a complete product EMC standard for the EMC conformity assessment of products. As a product EMC standard for BDMs, CDMs, PDSs and MTs, according to IEC Guide 107, this document takes precedence over all aspects of the generic standards.

NOTE 4 If a PDS or MT is included as part of equipment covered by a separate product EMC standard, the separate EMC standard applies to the complete equipment.

NOTE 5 The requirements have been selected to ensure EMC for PDSs and MTs at residential, commercial and industrial locations. Changes in the EMC behaviour of a PDS or an MT as a result of fault conditions are not considered.

NOTE 6 This document does not specify any safety requirements for the equipment such as protection against electric shocks, insulation co-ordination and related dielectric tests, unsafe operation, or unsafe consequences of a failure. It also does not cover safety and functional safety implications of electromagnetic phenomena.

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